HoD Clement Bitwayiki, Ph.D.

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Busogo Campus
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Ph.D. in Food Biotechnology: September 1997 – August 2000
University of Food Industry, Dept. of Biocatalysis and Fermentation, Volokolamskoye shosse,  House 11, Moscow A-80, Russia.
Thesis topic: “Intensification processes of beer by using biocatalysers and Rwandan cereals plants”.

Master of Science in Food Biotechnology: September 1994 – June 1996
Varonezh State University of Technology, Dept. of Fermentation
Thesis: Projection of beer processing company in Cheboksal region with a production capacity of 3.000 dal per day.
Bachelor of Food Science and Technology (Honours): September 1991 – June 1994
Varonezh State Institute of Technology, Dept. of soft drinks and Fermentation


Research Interests 
•  Quality System and Food Safety  
•  Food Biotechnology

Awards Certificates
•    Internal Verification audit for HACCP, March 2014;
•    Hazard Analysis and Critical control point determination, November 2013;
•    Moodle techniques used in online posting courses, may 2008;
•    Training certificate on Food Technology, May-July 2004;
•    New technology of Hermetic storage for cereals grains, June 2002

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