Bukenya Mugabi Edmund Eriya

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Nyagatare Campus
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PhD 2000: Anatomy: The Vertebral Column in Humans and non Human Primates

Faculty of Human Biology, Observatory, University of Cape Town, South Africa.

Thesis Topic: The Vertebral column in Humans and related Nonhuman primates and the Functional Structure of its Transitional Elements.

MSc (Veterinary Anatomy) 1985: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Makerere University, Uganda

Dissertation: The Gross Anatomy and Histology of the Alimentary Tract of the African Epauletted Bat (Epomorphorus anurus.)


Bachelor of Science (Hons) (1969). Human Anatomy & Zoology, Faculty of Science, Makerere University College, Univ. EA, Uganda

Research Interests

Comparative Anatomy & Palaentology

Physical & Forensic Anthropology


A.W Mellon Foundation Scholar 1995-1998 Univ, of Cape Town, S. Afr.



Bukenya E E M, Kintu Mugagga, Muwanga G.M and Byukusenge M: 2015: Manual of Veterinary Anatomy (Part I) Publication of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Nyagatare Campus, University of Rwanda

Bukenya E E M (2009) A Report on Bony Remains from Kuumbi Cave, Zanzibar. Chapter 11, In Zanzibar and the Swahili Coast From c30,000 Years Ago. Editor F.Chami, E & D Vision Publishing, Dar es Salaam.

Chami F and Chantal R (2010) Studies in the African past Volume 8. Advisory Board of Editorial MembersE. Bukenya, G Mahachi et al). In Journal of African Archaeology Network. E & D Vision Publishing, Dar es Salaam.

Bukenya EEM (2003) History and Philosophy of Science, Makerere University, Distance Education Publication

Bukenya EEM and Sengooba: The Cell and Basic Molecular Biology; for BSc (External) Students. Makerere University, Department of Distance Education 2002.

Bukenya EEM 1998: The Vertebral Column in Humans and selected Non human Primates, and the Functional Structure of its Transitional Elements. PhD Thesis, December 1999, University of Cape Town, South Africa.

Bukenya EEM 1990: The Anatomy of the Alimentary Tract of the African Epauletted Bat,Epomorphorus anurusProceedings of the East African Anatomical Society (Inaugural Meeting, Arusha 1990).

Bukenya EEM, Mutumba G and Makanga B 2001/2002: BSc (External degree) Curriculum for Department of Distance Education, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda.


Epelu-Opio J. Amongi T and Bukenya MEE 1988: The Structure of the Uterine Tube Epithelium in the East African Wild Ungulates.

Epelu-Opio J. Kayanja FIB, Muwazi RT, Muwanga GM and Bukenya MEE 1987: The Oviduct of the Impala, Aepyceros melampus. Afr. J. 001.25:173 – 183.

Epelu-Opio J, Bukenya MEE and Muwanga GM 1987: Ultrastructural Changes in the Secretory Granules in nonciliated Epithelial Cells in the Oviduct of the Impala, Aepyceros melampus(Lichtenstein, 1812), during Pregnancy. Proceedings XXIII, Canada, August 16 – 21.


Bukenya EEM, Morris AG and Louw GJ 2000: Role of facet (zygapophyseal) size in primates of different locomotive behaviour. Proceedings of 30th congress of the Anatomical Society of Southern Africa, April 2000, Stellenbosch, South Africa


Bukenya EEM, Morris AG and Louw GJ 1999: The Skeleton in functional anatomical research with special reference to the primate vertebral column. Proceedings of UVA/FVM Med Scientific International Conference at ICCA Kampala, Uganda 1 – 3 September 1999.

Bukenya EEM 1988: Poster Presentation on: The Histology of the Alimentary Canal of the African Epauletted Bat. P362 Abstracts for posters: 4th International congress of Cell Biology, August 4 – 8, 1988, Montreal, Canada.



Research Projects

Dec. 2001-Feb. 2002: Co- Researcher in Archaeological / Palaeontological Survey of Bujagali Site, for Hydroelectric Power Project.


June 23 – August 4: Participant researcher in Makerere University – Liverpool University Linkage, Western Rift Valley Anthropological Expedition, Western Uganda. Presently: Corraborator Researcher in African Archaeological Netwarok Projects.

Collaborator in the Biology Curriculum for the BSc (External) degree course: The Course Started in February 2002.


Designing Curricula:

2000 Sept. – 2001 Acting Co-ordinator for the curriculum committee for BSC (External) degree course, Makerere University.


Supervised MSc Makerere University degree research for Dr. Peter Bazira on “Biomechanical properties of the femur in the common chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) and human (Homo sapiens sapiens) in Uganda.” Completed 2000, passed.

Presently supervisor of 2 current PhD research for:

Masilili Mwarisi of Department of Human Anatomy Makerere University: “The comparative study of the Innominate bone in humans, chimpanzee, gorrila and other primates”

DR Kintu-Mugagga BVM, MVM (Mak): The Sciatic nerve in sporting and non sporting animals.